So, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but I finally created a side-blog dedicated to helping you guys sell your used clothing/find good deals on used brands/etc. 

The Pastel Market (

Your place to buy & sell alternative clothing! Submit your listings, browse what’s for sale, and get great deals on lightly-used clothing that you may not have been able to afford buying new!

Basically, you can submit items you have for sale from your personal closet! Just check the Guide before submitting (and maybe the FAQ, too). 

I will also be posting neat deals that I find, myself. I usually don’t post used clothing on Pastel Bomb, but it really is a huge category for finding clothing that is A) Fantastic and B) Decently-priced.


Harajuku Baby Outfit Ideas ♥
Sweet Pony Sweater: $30 ♥Pastel Baby Waves Wig: $25 ♥Galaxy Skirt: $15 ♥Chunky Platform Sneakers: $42.50 ♥Hello Kitty Tights: $13 ♥

Pastel Rib Necklaces at Violle ville